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FAQ - the most important summary.

Our training center in Boppard-Buchholz provides a fully equipped training camp, modern training facilities and a dedicated LFS test version with all modules. This means that all of our processes can be tried out and tested without the risk of any impact on a production system. Another advantage of training with us - not to be underestimated - is that you and your employees are not restricted by day-to-day business during the course (this is almost always the case with on-site training). For beginner training sessions with LFS in particular, it is therefore highly recommended that training takes place at our training center in Boppard-Buchholz. The processes are much easier to understand, because we do not just work on a computer screen, but in a real warehouse with real mobile data recording equipment as well. We therefore generally recommend that training takes place at our training center. However, on-site training is available as well. We have a mobile training facility with its own hardware and test environment for this very purpose. Just contact us - we will be happy to provide a quote for a training course at your site!

In addition to our extensive range of standard training courses, we also provide customer-specific courses. These are tailored to your processes and include your specific programming and preferences. We are also happy to create customer-specific documentation for you, so you can take training content away with you in written format for reference. Just contact us - we will be happy to provide a quote!

Our training overview provides a quick overview of the training courses we provide. Just click on the course you are interested in for more information about the course content. If you have any more questions about the content of our training courses, please do not hesitate to contact us! We are always happy to help

We generally reserve the right to deliver standard training courses for multiple customers at the same time. So if you send two participants to a beginner course, other participants from other companies may also be present. We are happy to quote for an exclusive training course. Tip: If you register six participants for a course and therefore reach the maximum number of participants anyway, the course will always be held exclusively for you.

We have a maximum number of six participants per course.

The minimum number of participants for our standard training courses is normally two. However, we also offer individuals the option of booking a one-on-one training course at an extra charge. Alternatively, you can join a training session with another customer. In this case, the course will not be exclusively for you, but we do not charge an extra one-on-one fee. Just contact us - we will be happy to let you know about the training courses that are currently scheduled!

Our courses usually last between 0.5 and 4 days. See our training overview for details. It is often a good idea to combine certain courses. For example, our four-day expert course works well with a further day on one or two additional LFS modules, such as Value added services, Quality management and Returns management. We are always happy to create a custom training package to meet your requirements.

Our training courses deliver the same knowledge to all participants, so we charge a fee per participant (just like a cinema).

However, it is important for us to disseminate knowledge about LFS to as many people as possible, so we provide a discount for more participants: The first two participants pay the full course price. For every two more participants, the course fee is reduced by 25%:

Participants 1 and 2: 100%

Participants 3 and 4: 75%

Participants 5 and 6: 50%

We are happy to offer you an EPG | ACADEMY Premium Partnership. Starting at 80 Euros per month, you can become a Premium Partner at the EPG | ACADEMY. Premium Partners get training courses with a 25% discount on the standard pricing:

Participants 1 and 2: 75%

Participants 3 and 4: 50%

Participants 5 and 6: 25%

You do not need your own equipment for our training courses. Our modern training center includes computer facilities with the latest hardware and a fully equipped training camp with the latest generation of mobile data recording equipment at your disposal. If you want on-site training instead, we can provide our mobile training facility with its own laptops and pre-installed LFS test environment. Of course, you can use your own training spaces and equipment, if available.