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Automatic warehouse with conveyor technology

Are you currently implementing the LFS.wms module in your company or are you already using it and would like to understand in more detail how it works and how you can monitor it efficiently?

The different menus for configuring, monitoring and operating an automated warehouse with conveyor systems are presented on the basis of a system diagram. How does LFS.wms communicate with the system and what does telegram traffic with the system look like?


Training details

Target group:
Warehouse managers, IT staff, key users

Training objectives:

- Understand how the facility points work
- Monitoring the activities on the third-party system
- Monitor jobs
- Understand telegram traffic 

Course duration:

2.5 days

Day 1

  • System plan
  • Construction drawing
  • Storage plan
  • Processing jobs
  • Communication channels
  • Communication jobs
  • Logging settings
  • Functions Automatic Warehouse Key T100
  • System points for an automatic warehouse with conveyor sections

Day 2

  • Conveyor loading equipment
  • Settings in the storage location master
  • Key settings
  • Picking location dialogue
  • NIO dialogue
  • Control runs
  • Empty loading means
  • B40 Telegram analysis

Day 3

  • Monitoring the telegram traffic
  • Error telegrams
  • Monitoring of the system points
  • Monitoring of the conveyor jobs