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Automation Basics

The course presents functions of LFS.wms and WCS.mfc on a general level.

Similar to the LFS Explore, the aim is to create a common understanding of the functionality of automation and material flow in LFS.

Training details

Target group:

Participants who want to advance to configuring material flow controller to meet their own logistics needs.


Course objectives:

Understanding of the functionality of automation and material flow in LFS.


Prior knowledge:

Professional in LFS


Length of course:

1 day

Day 1

Overview over automation types in LFS.wms

  • Automatic storage warehouse
  • Tray storage / shuttle
  • AGV Auto Guided Vehicles
  • Hand over system
  • Pick to light
  • LED systems (e.g. for transport equipment trolleys, picking storage locations)


Possibilities of communication between LFS.wms and conveyor automation types

  • LFS.wms as server
  • LFS.wms as client
  • LFS.wms as client and server


Porcessing jobs for automated warehouses


Menus for automated warehouses

  • Menus for configuration – F90
  • Monitoring menus - F10
  • Menus for automated functions – F50

LFS.mfc terminology

Structure of  WCS.mfc

  • System
  • Communication channel
  • Telegram traffic
  • Batch jobs
  • Navigation table