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Value Added Services

Value added services are additional tasks that go beyond normal logistics processes and that you perform in the warehouse for yourself or your customers (e.g. special packaging, labeling, and quality controls). The LFS warehouse management system offers a powerful module that takes over management of the value added services in your warehouse and can be integrated into any standard process (e.g. packaging) as an add-on.

On this course, you will learn about the extensive different applications of value added services (VAS). We consider how to create and implement VAS and run through practical exercises on mobile data recording equipment and on screen at set-up workstations, until you are confident with the system. This includes configuring routes, which can be used to manage performance of VAS. Finally, the course looks at how to bill VAS via logistics services.

It is a good idea to book this course in combination with the "Logistics services" course, as the two courses are closely related and complementary.

Training details

Target group:

Participants who monitor value added services day to day for warehouse operations, warehouse control center employees, and key users.


Course objectives:

After this course, you will be familiar with how to configure VAS activities and VAS profiles in the LFS warehouse management system. You will be able to carry out VAS at specific workstations and connect them via routes. You will also be able to implement the settings yourself and track the progress of VAS processing in the warehouse control center.


Prior knowledge:

"Elementary" and "Intermediate" courses


Length of course:

1 day

1. Day Value Added Services

  • What are Value Added Services?
  • VAS and warehouse processes/storage areas
  • VAS activity maintenance
  • Creation of VAS profiles
  • Assigning VAS profiles on item, supplier and company master data level
  • VAS and putaway
  • Different points in time 
  • Different points in time for picking and packing
  • Warehouse management: overview of VAS activities and order progress Troubleshooting
  • Defining points in time for VAS
  • Defining VAS processing stations
  • Configuration of mandatory paths
  • VAS activities and profiles in combination with mandatory paths Integrating working instructions e.g. from pdf files
  • VAS as a logistic service