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Quality management

LFS gives you the ability to carry out quality controls and to block defective goods or mark them as B goods. The course introduces you to all the relevant quality management processes. A key part of the course is how to handle quality labels and characteristics. How do you create test instructions and carry out incoming goods inspections? How do you block goods by best-before date or ripening period? How do you apply a retrieval block via the blacklist? How do you release blocked goods, reserve them and remove them from the warehouse?

The course discusses and explains all the menus and settings that are relevant for quality assurance in detail, using example applications.

The half-day course can be held as an attendance course in combination with another course or as a stand-alone webinar.

Training details

Target group:

Participants who work with quality labels in various processes within the warehouse and who monitor processing, warehouse control center employees, and key users.


Course objectives:

After the course, you will be able to manage quality labels in LFS. You will be able to understand, independently implement and provide instructions to handle the various processes. You will understand how different quality characteristics influence further processing and you will be able to intervene and resolve problems.


Prior knowledge:

"Elementary" and "Intermediate" courses


Length of course:

0.5 days

0,5 Days Agenda Quality management

  • Introduction: quality/quality assurance (QA)
  • Settings: key file, item master
  • Difference between QA characteristics and QA codes Settings: company master
  • Allocation of quality characteristics
  • Practical exercises
  • Repetition first day/clarification of open questions
  • Display of blocked items
  • History of blocked/released items
  • Creating and processing check instructions
  • Putaway items with quality codes
  • Creation of fixed bin locations in picking storage locations
  • Recording work packages; requiring a specific quality
  • characteristic for an order
  • Reservation, retrieval and picking with quality characteristics
  • Packing
  • Residual maturity list