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Returnable items

LFS can keep an account of returnable items, in particular for exchanging pallets. This makes it easy to answer questions such as how many pallets you are owed by a supplier.

This course teaches you everything you need to successfully handle returnable items in LFS. The focus is on setting up and maintaining all the master data that is required to use all the available functions. How do I keep an account for returnable items? How do I manually or automatically post incoming and outgoing items? Clear practical examples and exercises build on your newly acquired knowledge.

The half-day course can be booked as an add-on to another attendance course, such as "LFS for Advanced Users". Remote training as a webinar is also possible.

Training details

Target group:

Participants who work with returnable items and/or pallet accounts in the warehouse and have to carry out the corresponding settings and check or evaluate the settings, warehouse control center employees, and key users.


Course objectives:

After the course, you will understand the different options for using returnable items in LFS and how they vary. You will know what key settings and functions are important for your own processes and will be able to set them up and change or adapt them if necessary.


Prior knowledge:

"Elementary" and "Intermediate" courses


Length of course:

0.5 days

0,5 Days Returnable items

  • Definition returnable items
  • Difference between inventory and account in LFS
  • Storage location master
  • Company master: standard staging locations, returnable item handling, currency
  • Item master: define returnable item, returnable item account
  • Key data: handling unit, returnable item movement type, shipping handling units, staging locations, acknowledgement keys
  • Manual recording of returnable item movement (entries and exits)
  • Recording returnable item via goods receipt number
  • Automatic recording of returnable items in goods receipt – booking at time of transport creation
  • Recording of returnable items in goods receipt – booking at time of loading with RF
  • Accounting returnable items
  • Display account balances
  • Display returnable item movement