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Transport control system 3.0

The transport control system 3.0 (TLS/TCS) in LFS allows you to significantly reduce the number of empty runs and optimize processes in the warehouse thanks to an intelligent stacker control system. This course teaches you how to configure LFS for use with the transport control system.

What are waypoints and routes and how do I create them? What options can I use to optimize the stacker control system for my processes? How do I manage priorities and extra trips? The course covers in detail both how to set up the start center plug-ins and how to use warehouse schedules to set up the TLS. Using various practical examples, the course covers all the relevant TLS settings with intensive practical exercises and consolidates acquired knowledge.

Training details

Target group:

Participants who set up and use the transportation control system in the warehouse, warehouse control center employees, and key users.

Course objectives:

After the course, you will be able to set up the transport control system with all its components. You will be able to manage and monitor all transport movements.

Prior knowledge:

Basic courses

Length of course:

1,5 days

Day 1 Introduction to the Transport Control System

  • Terminology in LFS (vocabulary) for using the TCS     
  • Definition of a new company for working with the TCS   
  • LFS menus for the TCS settings   
  • Definition of means of transport and means of transport types   
  • Installation and configuration of the TCS Start Center plug-in  
  • Explanation of the functioning within the graphical user interface  
  • Working with warehouse plans for the TCS configuration  
  • Examples for the use of the TCS in practice     
  • Definition of quadrants and waypoints     
  • Definition of transport routes and handover locations  
  • Prioritizing of routes and transports  
  • RF dialog for the TCS; TCS in goods receiving

Day 2 Processes in practice and exercises for the TCS

  • Goods dispatch using the TCS 
  • Priority control and special trips  
  • Exercise for all topics     
  • Definition of means of transport and means of transport types   
  • Definition of waypoints and handover locations   
  • Definition of transport routes between two storage locations   
  • Test of the settings made for goods receiving and goods dispatch