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Random sample stocktaking

Random stocktaking can save a lot of time and money, especially for large warehouses. This course will familiarize you with the specified requirements for random sample stocktaking and provides training for setting up all associated master and key data in LFS. What is a population and a complete inventory count range? How do you carry out a warehouse structural analysis using the Lorenz curve? How do you determine the optimal number of shifts to minimize the sample size? Practical exercises with a list, on the mobile data recording equipment and on full screen facilitate understanding of LFS and give you the tools to independently configure your own warehouse.

Training details

Target group:

Participants who set up random sample stocktaking in their own warehouse and monitor its execution, warehouse control center employees, and key users.


Course objectives:

After the course, you will be able to manage the various stocktaking processes in LFS. You will be able to create your own master data and key settings for random sample stocktaking and change or adjust the settings, as necessary.


Prior knowledge:


Recommendation: Intermediate


Length of course:

1 day

Day 1 Introduction and basics

  • Company master basic settings
  • Key settings
  • Statistical methods
  • Performing a warehouse structure analysis
  • Extrapolation, requirements
  • Start Print random sample stocktaking list/approval
  • Processing random sample stocktaking
  • Book stocktaking document
  • Extrapolation results
  • Finalise random sample stocktaking process
  • Display random sample stocktaking processes
  • Status history
  • Practical exercises, review