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How do you use the LFS warehouse management system? How do I get a feel for the processes in the warehouse?

How are these processes controlled in LFS? The "LFS for Beginners" course introduces the LFS user interface and looks at all the logistics processes in the warehouse. From goods incoming and putaway through picking individual quantities, removing full pallets from storage, to packing and loading, the course runs through all the key stations in the lifecycle of a delivery with the LFS warehouse management system.

This gives you a basic understanding of the operational processes in LFS. The course is designed for anyone who uses LFS - whether in the warehouse, the control center or IT.

The course focuses on practical exercises in our fully equipped training center, so that you can follow and practice the processes in a real warehouse, not just on the computer. We have the latest generation of mobile data recording equipment too, so that the course is also useful for operating staff who work with the LFS warehouse management system on the warehouse floor.

As all further training courses require a basic understanding of LFS, completing this course is also an important requirement for more advanced courses.

Training details

Target group:

Participants who have never worked with LFS before.


Prior knowledge:



Length of course:

3 days


Course objectives:

After the course, you will master the basic processes in LFS. You will be able to work independently with a list, as well as with mobile data recording equipment or on screen, and you will understand how the processes are displayed and implemented.

Day 1 Goods receiving/Putaway

  • Introduction to the LFS terminology/vocabulary
  • Goods acceptance in LFS
  • Options for goods receipt recording
  • Goods receipt control
  • Formation of handling units
  • Options for putaway
  • Practical application of the knowledge for processing goods receipts in LFS (using mobile devices and the full-screen menus)
  • Comprehensive practical exercises

Day 2 Retrieval/picking

  • Introduction to picking with LFS
  • Picking vs. retrieval
  • Picking with mobile devices (RF/PbV)
  • Forklift/picking dialog
  • Multi-order picking
  • Voucher-based picking
  • Inventory inquiry using mobile devices
  • Comprehensive practical exercises

Day 3 Packing/Loading

  • Packing at the packing station  
  • One-stage packing
  • Quick packing process
  • Creation of master packages
  • Dissolving/opening packages
  • General introduction to the loading process
  • Options for loading in LFS
  • Conditions for loading
  • Monitoring of the loading process
  • Presentation of the loading menus for mobile devices 
  • Comprehensive practical exercises