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Dockmanagement (DOCK)

Delays, long waiting times and lack of capacity at freight terminals can cause high costs. With EPG | DOCK including a web portal, we offer a solution with which logistics companies not only plan, control, and optimize their incoming and outgoing transports to warehouses, logistics centers, or distribution centers. Users also benefit from the direct process integration of dock management into a higher-level warehouse management system, such as EPG | LFS - and thus from significantly greater transparency and potential savings through the networking of both areas. Through the additional link with the web portal, logisticians achieve more planning reliability and have an overview of the order volume and the status of order processing at all times.

Training details

Target group:

Employees who are entrusted with the planning, control and monitoring of the inbound and outbound delivery processes in terms of gate management, of goods by forwarders, such as warehouse managers, dispatchers, etc.


Training objectives:

You will acquire comprehensive knowledge of the configuration and operation of the gate management system. You will map the physical conditions in the warehouse, such as the type of gates, ramps and parking spaces, as well as special features of the goods to be transported in the system. You will learn to assign time slots and the appropriate gates and processes to the pending orders. Likewise, you will learn detailed statistical evaluations of typical KPIs.


Previous knowledge:

"Beginner in LFS" course


Training duration:

Self-study (currently only as e-learning) approx. 2 days