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Dangerous goods

Working with hazardous materials is a particular challenge and an area where the LFS warehouse management system can help you. It is important that you and your employees are effectively trained to avoid expensive liability claims.

On this course, you will learn how to configure all the master data and key settings in LFS that are necessary to work with hazardous goods and materials in the warehouse. How do I set maximum quantities per storage location? How do I add the data for the "inventory list for the fire department" or the "1000 limit" small load exemption? What specific hazardous goods information can I add for the different transport routes? The course also explains and extensively tests participants on the options for using packaging and shipping instructions and on the rules for storage compatibility. Advanced practical examples and exercises build on what you have learned.

Training details

Target group:

Participants who work with hazardous materials in the warehouse or with hazardous goods for transportation, who manage the settings and handling, warehouse control center employees, and key users.


Course objectives:

After the course, you will know the different options for handling of hazardous goods/hazardous materials in LFS. You will know what key settings and functions are important for your own processes and will be able to set them up and change or adapt them if necessary.


Prior knowledge:

Basic courses


Length of course:

2 days