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Analytics (Timesquare)

In which warehouse area is the busiest at the moment? Where might it become critical and where might intervention be necessary? EPG | TIMESQUARE is the cockpit for process monitoring in logistics, with which you can maintain an overview of your current warehouse operations at all times. Your KPI's are displayed centrally in a clear dashboard. How? You simply define that yourself. The data is updated continuously. This gives you even more flexibility in your day-to-day logistics and allows you to react when necessary. This enables you to pull the data for TIMESQUARE directly from your existing systems and to bundle everything clearly in one dashboard - even beyond logistics.

You can learn the basic operation of EPG | Timesquare comfortably from home or your workplace as eLearning.

If you also want to learn how to add your own data sources, filters and functions to EPG | Timesquare, we offer a two-day expert training course. There, the focus is mainly on data flow and SQL queries, so that you can display and prepare exactly the data you want in EPG | Timesquare. Under expert guidance you will design your own dashboards with your exactly defined desired data.

Feel free to contact us for detailed advice and the various booking options.


Training details


Target audience:

Key users, warehouse control center


Training Objectives:

- Create new dashboards.

- Add functions and squares to a dashboard.

- Customize the display of results.

- Configure the timesquare


Prior Knowledge:



Training duration:

Self-study (as e-learning) approx. 2 days


Expert training:

Target group:

Key users, warehouse control center, IT


Training objectives:

- create new connections

- add new data sources

- define own functions

- create own data filters

- data flow in EPG | LFS

- design SQL queries for EPG | Timesquare


Previous knowledge:

Basic knowledge EPG | Timesquare; Basic knowledge EPG | LFS


Training duration:

2 days